And we were among the olive trees like an ancient people in their cathedral – Giovanni Boine

Highly prized for its medicinal properties and staple of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil was anciently also used as fuel and commodity. The olive tree was considered the most sacred of plants, associated with power, longevity, peace and purity. In the … Read More


A stay that feels like sailing, with the sea horizon as the only limit. The boat is cosy, and it floats slowly, rocked by the gentle waves. You boarded San Damian, a place designed to let go of what is … Read More

The true description of a landscape eventually contains the history of that landscape, Relais San Damian in Liguria, Italy

The true description of a landscape eventually contains the history of that landscape

Lush greenery, a multitude of fragrances that fill the air: positioned between the rough and barren hills of inner Liguria and the green coastal region filled with olive groves and fruit trees, also called ”the coast of the setting sun”, … Read More

Take your time at Relais San-Damian in Liguria, Italy

Take your Time

Living life in an authentic way, inviting others to share it. At San Damian, we invite you to take your time: cherish it, enjoy it, be our guest at this oasis. But most of all: be our guest. An oasis … Read More

Relais San Damian in Liguria, Italy

It happens, sometimes…

It happens, sometimes, to step into a place, just to realise how it came to be through the flowing of time and relations. A place where to sense the weight of history, a glimpse through a tear in the fabric … Read More