It happens, sometimes…


It happens, sometimes, to step into a place, just to realise how it came to be through the flowing of time and relations. A place where to sense the weight of history, a glimpse through a tear in the fabric of the present.

San Damian is one of such places.

It is difficult to describe it. One could mention the vastness of the sea and the rugged hills, the green of the taggiasca olive trees and of the succulents, the colours of the bougainvilleas and the scent of the jasmines. Or the sensorial experience of the breakfast pies, made with the seasonal gifts of our orchard: figs, plums, cherries, citrus, persimmons, Concord grapes, baked and served for your delight.

An island of comfort in a rough landscape, San Damian will surprise you with its vibrant colours and the soft details of the interiors. Here, the domestic space blends in with nature, the colours of the gardens speaking to those of the interiors, from the wisteria to the sofas, from the lavender to the cushions, from the cacti to the curtains: an hypnotic, soothing experience for the senses.

Resort San Damian in Liguria

Excavated in the rugged hills of which it is part, San Damian will be your haven. It defies definitions. Still, if one dares to try, it would be relais. A special word with a long history: in old French, it indicated a posting station, a place for stagecoaches and travellers to rest and replace horses. Before them, Romans used it to mean relaxation and slowing down.

This is what San Damian is about: the promise of a place where to escape routine, slow down, forget concerns and be part of the lifestyle of its founders and managers, Pamela and Roberto.

A life of peace, hospitality, care and leisure.

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