Take your time – Renewal in the crisis

Everything has changed. The months under lockdown have been challenging, but they also made us appreciate more a quiet soundscape and life at a slower pace.
We spent the lockdown keeping up with the works of the Spring, caring for the blossoming gardens of San Damian, planting, pruning and trimming. This closer proximity to the rhythms of the nature filled us with faith that this crisis will be an opportunity to renew and improve.

Now, in this new phase, we reflect and plan for the times ahead. We are even more determined to protect this little oasis, honouring what it means for those who lived and loved it.
San Damian was born to provide a resting, peaceful oasis to our guests. It is a place to take your time, where to spend a whole afternoon walking on the hill, meditating, resting and reinvigorating.

When you will be ready, we will be waiting for you. Surrounded by the colours and the smells of the jasmines, the lavender, the aloes, the citrus and the olive trees, you will restore and replenish your soul after these difficult times.

The spaces

In accordance with the current situation, we have adopted a number of measures to make your next visit to San Damian the most safe and serene as possible:

Limited booking: San Damian was born to welcome a restrict number of guests who would enjoy the outdoor areas in peace and privacy. Nevertheless, we have decided to further reduce the number of guests.

Rest and hospitality: You got to know San Damian as an oasis away from the noise and chaos of the coast. You also know how we like to welcome our guests in a peaceful place that moves at a slow, relaxing pace. We will tend to your tranquil stay, making sure to preserve everything you have loved while also taking the extra care required by this crisis we are going through.


THANKS to those who chose us;
THANKS to those who stayed and left a trace of themselves in our place;
THANKS to those who thought about us in such challenging times;
THANKS to those who keep supporting us.


A strong, virtual hug,
Pamela, Roberto and our staff.

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