A stay that feels like sailing, with the sea horizon as the only limit. The boat is cosy, and it floats slowly, rocked by the gentle waves. You boarded San Damian, a place designed to let go of what is unnecessary, while retaining the essential. Water is your element. Get a glimpse of the Ligurian sea in the background. Imagine the water flowing underground. Perceive it nourishing the aloes and the agaves, filling and satiating the succulents and the cacti scattered throughout the garden. This water retains the memories of our past: the village elders still recall when local dowsers ventured on the hill of San Damian, to discover hidden wells and waterways with their divining rods.

Water, Relais-San-Damian-in-Liguria-Italy

Is it because of the elusive presence of water that an immersion in the Jacuzzi of the outdoor pool feels like a special treat? Maybe. What we do know, is that by accepting our invitation, staying in San Damian will be like boarding a ship to an enchanted land, an island suspended in time and space

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