Terrace Suites

These two-storey suites boast a broad terrace and an enticing sea view. Spiral or regular staircases will take you to the mezzanine, made of olive and pine woods. Italian motives and warm tones dominate here: local pieces of art combine with colourful Tuscan pottery and matching curtains, handwoven in cotton or linen.
A mix of Ligurian and Italian styles, the space is illuminated by touches of purple, yellow, red and orange. Chromatic dissonances brighten an ambience dominated by the warmth of precious woods, such as olive wood: a symbol of eternity and wisdom, the twisted body of the olive tree is a familiar sight of our countryside. In our suites, this strong wood lends solidity and character to the mezzanines, the balustrades, and the fireplaces. The reassuring, rustic solidity of the woods is balanced by the discrete elegance of the cotto tiles, of the black slabs of slate, of the shiny marbles.

Explore the beauty of San Damian

From the terrace, the gaze glades over the whiteness of the trachelospermum jasminoides, the star jasmine vines that separate contiguous terraces. Ancient, evergreen cycads peep out of the brightness that inundates your balcony.
Both inside and outside, these details tell the story of our quest for harmony: inspiration, creation, openness to the wonders of world. Pamela and Roberto treasure the inspirations encountered in their travels and bring home objects, atmospheres and good vibes that speak of care, hospitality, authenticity, relations. They enrich the atmosphere of San Damian with the personal touch of the people who crossed our paths and worked with us to give shape to our dream.
It is not easy to explain. We leave it to you: lose yourself in the harmony we created.

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