Take your time at San Damian

Living life in an authentic way, inviting others to share it. At San Damian, we invite you to take your time: cherish it, enjoy it, be our guest at this oasis. But most of all: be our guest. An oasis is a haven in the midst of bareness, water flowing from the bottom of the desert. San Damian is an oasis away from the noise of the coast, an escape from the tourism of the masses. Time flows peacefully in this oasis: calmness and quiet rule this haven, where colours are vivid and scents intoxicating, meticulously selected to soothe your senses.

We take our time for your calls and requests, to answer your letters, to greet and welcome you on arrival. We receive our guests with attention and care, offering relaxation, calm and abundance, removed from the rush of contemporary life. The interiors meet the soul of this land, the scent of the countryside, the flora, the sea, the silence: they all sweeten the relations that blossom and grow between those who live at San Damian and their guests.

– Pamela and Roberto

Relax and unwind at San Damian

Have any questions?

At San Damian, we take pride in providing personalised service to all of our guests. For this reason we have chosen not to use an online reservation system. Please contact us by telephone, email, or by using the form below and we will be happy to answer your questions and plan your stay together.