Red and white mulberries from May through late summer, cherries and sour cherries in June, ramassins in July, figs and strawberry grapes in August and September, and persimmons when autumn explodes. These are some of the seasonal fruits that fill our gardens here at San Damian and are served at breakfast: the awakenings here condense the cyclical flavour of varieties that have traveled the continents to implant themselves in Liguria. The sweet, ancient taste of ramassins comes from the Arab world, spread here thanks to Benedictine monks. Mulberries come from Asia, in Liguria widely used for silkworm production. While figs with their aphrodisiac fleshiness, much praised by the Romans, came from the Middle East.

Start the day right

To the fruit we juxtapose walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, yogurt and milk, cinnamon and carrots, whole-wheat flours, spelt flours and bring them together with our own Taggiasca oil. Cakes and tarts are kneaded morning after morning, allowing us to devote special care to food intolerances and offering you the opportunity to choose doughs according to your needs.

Fresh, homemade fruit spreads

Our semi-wild plants receive no treatment, and the fruits you will enjoy are processed using the most respectful of fruit processes by making compote. This preservation technique ensures maximum fruit concentration and the absence of additives, of which a welcome token is the short shelf life and the need to enjoy it quickly. With a little sugar and quick boiling, you taste the ripe fruit that has in itself all the sugar necessary to give itself its original sweetness, without anything added: for us the compote summarizes the choice to provide you with the taste of the present time.

Take your time also means this: choosing short preserves that respect the cyclical nature of the orchard, kneading every day what you need for breakfast and seasoning your mornings with fresh flavors. Here is the secret with which we fill donuts and the magic with which we garnish tarts, with an invitation to indulge in the perfection of what is ripe in the present time.


After a day of unwinding by the pool, why not enjoy the selection of entertainment options available at San Damian. Whether you choose to exercise your body and relax your mind in our secluded yoga area, or enjoy a game of bocci or table tennis in the garden, there’s lots to keep you entertained. 

Relax and unwind at San Damian

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At San Damian, we take pride in providing personalised service to all of our guests. For this reason we have chosen not to use an online reservation system. Please contact us by telephone, email, or by using the form below and we will be happy to answer your questions and plan your stay together.